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Im going to have a bit of a moan >.

Is it just me or when you are out do people start treating you like a novelty? Like next weekend my friend is organising a party, and I said that wouldn't he rearrange it cause I'm sleeping round a guy's, and he just said that he would be having it anyway and not rearranging it around my "bum sex". Which made me feel absolutely shit, mostly cause I know that if I was anyone else saying they were doing something then they he would re-arrange it.
And to me in the UK it always happens. And I think you will all say "Get better friends" and what not... but its not easy for me, cause I thought they were the friends that treated me as equals, and well there isn't anyone else that I can find in a small. rural school.

Anyway it turns out the guy cancelled so I can go to the party,  which I suppose is a good thing, but there I will feel so out of place it will be unreal, as my best friend will be with her bf, the host will be trying to be with this other girl, and the other guy going will be shit faced. So I would prefer to go to the guy's friends anyway... but I still feel like a novelty.
And well this weekend something is happening... and I thought it was sorta a thing with this other bi guy, but our mutual friends have taken it over, and completely destroyed the plans that I wanted to do. And so it feels my opinion on the matter doesnt actually matter cause I'm gay.

Maybe Im just being paranoid, and have noone else to talk to, but does anyone else ever feel like this? Cause its really getting to me at the moment.

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I think your taking it to heart a bit too much. People joke about things like this all the time. Like friends I have told make comments like that and we just laugh it off. you have to see the funny side of things. One example; I was in work on lunch with my friend Donna and we were talking and I said "Oh thats so gay" she thought it was hilarious that I was calling something gay! I found it funny too so we started to say "Thats so straight!" I know its not easy to get use too but just laugh it off and smile!