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help wth school nd coming out.

i need help because im going to a new school and i dnt kno if i should come out to the ppl there or not. at all my other schools, im out, but im not sure how the ppl here will react. help me out here and tell me wat i should do.
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I think you probably should otherwise it will just create problems later...why arent you sure how they will react?
i have kno idea who anybody body is over there. in the past i have had problems wth ppl who are homophobic and im trying to stay away from those problems.
I still think you shouldnt be ashamed of who you are.
Maybe get settled, see if they have a GSA and how other kids are treated in general? Then you'll feel more comfortable/confident.
um i would defenitly recommend you come out cause if it somehow gets out and you didnt tell them, your friends will be pissed (totally speaking from experience)
Follow your heart. You'll know when the time is right. Trust yourself and you'll be fine:)