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Okay okay

Okay everybody, just calm down.

I got a chance to read this post that's got everyone riled up.

Look, I understand that her post was really not acceptable, especially given that fact that this was a community that really didn't need her to go and post that stuff around. It was intrusive and offensive.

But guys, I don't think she's a gay basher. From her post she's just another little girl who never grew up and just believed everything that was handed to her from the mouth of her local preacher and her parents. She proabably is one of those people who would be best described as an uncounscious "lover of the sinner, hater of the sin" only in this case, I wouldn't say she hates it because it's obvious that she has little understanding of what being gay is.

Her post was made with good intention saying how we're able to be saved if we do this and that and blah blah blah and how it's there for us gays ho "hate our lives and want to give Jesus a shot, blah blah blah."

It's misguided. But she wasn't posting shit like: Fags suck. I hate fags. God hates fags. Fags are gross. Dykes suck, ew! etc. So don't be too upset about this. She's just a girl who doesn't know any better and foolishly acted on this lack of understanding. Let it go, and let's get on with our happy lives and if she shows up again, we'll try to explain to her why she has it all wrong instead of just driving her away.

The more we act completely antagonistic, as spoiledblood143 said, the more it will convince her that we gays are all heathens who would refuse her help and rudely too.

I know where you guys are coming from. A lot of us have been hurt by someone and someone whose religion has been used to hurt us. We've been hurt by our religious parents, by our former religious friends, by the religious public, by the religious hierarche. I understand why it is that many of us just end up hating these religions. But understand that religion is only an idea. It's practiced and interpreted and used for purposes that are hurtful and that's when the ignorance comes and when the world goes to hell and where you get confused and oblivious girls like goldenplate.

I can't call myself a Christ follower, but I am a spiritualist calling that power God for lack of a better name (my roots were in Christianity), but I do understand what Jesus of Nazareth's message was and what he meant and what I feel the basis of Christianity is all about, and that is peace. The Bible says a lot of things, and many people forget that the Bible has been contested even by Jesus himself. The Bible is just a book, written by men who believed what their cultures approved of when they wrote it. Look at the mysoginy, slavery, etc. The Old Testament isn't even anything close to the Hebrew Tanahk anymore.

So I think it's best that we just let is go. I know it's hard, I know that people who throw religion in our face like we're misled little idiots have hurt us many times before. They're going to keep doing it to hurt us, or to 'save' us, to deligitimize us, but we have to show that we're better than this. We have to show them who we are through patience and resilience and determination and above all else through diplomacy. No one learns anything from angry blurbs, people will learn or will be better prepared to learn through serenity, calm, and respect. This respect can be obtained by just being ourselves and being diplomatic when these people come with their questions and their misconceptions about us.

Check this out here and pay attention to the message. Specifically when she talks about bridging that gap between herself and the other women. Though someone might be sounding offensive, it's a door they're opening for communication: http://www.thestranger.com/2004-06-24/ex12.html

"...One of the bouquet ladies turned to me one morning and asked, "So you eat pussy? That's what you do?" It was 5:00 a.m. I had a mouthful of lukewarm, gas-station coffee that I almost spit out. I swallowed, and answered, "Sometimes." She said, "Gross." Right then I could have snapped back. Several comments came to mind, but I knew it was a critical moment. She was pulling down the wall between us with a crow bar of blunt emotion and thereby making room for an honest friendship. I knew enough not to screw that up. Plus, I really wanted to know what she thought, how she thought; I had questions for her too. We ended up talking for hours and days about sexual preferences. I learned she had tried some S&M and had several elaborate Harley-Davidson fantasies. My new friend pretty much paved the way toward my acceptance and ability to be open with the other ladies on the line. It turned out that we all had a common desire to talk about sex while we worked. Sex talk made the workday seem shorter. Sex talk made the bouquets turn out better. I remember being shocked one rainy afternoon to find out that only 2 of the 13 ladies had ever had an orgasm. Plus, they taught me to like Clint Black, pull tabs, and pea and peanut salad."

So let's just have everybody calm down, alright? *hug

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