Hey. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there with schizophrenia or who's partners have it. My ex-boyfriend is schizophrenic and we're still friends and its not totally impossible that we will be more then friends again. I'm looking for some sort of been-there, done-that kinds of stories that could help with what I'm dealing with.


very new and a bit freaked out

this is not the first time i've posted anything about myself, but its one of the first times i've posted somewhere i can easily be found by people i know.

my name is Kiley, im 17, i live close to Chicago, about a 20 minute ride from union station by train. the only thing i know is that i like girls. i cant decide on boys or not, but i know i definitely like girls. im not sure exactly why i joined this group, i think i am just looking for friends, close or not. no, i have never had a relationship, and, honestly, i dont know what i would do if i were in one. If anyone wants to just chat, let me know, i'll try to remember to check LJ at least once or twice a week.
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Hey Boys

It's been a few years since I was a teenager (I'll be 24 next month), but I wanted to introduce myself to you guys. My name is Jay Fox, and I just opened my Livejournal. I was also appointed maintainer over at the_gloryhole, so be sure to check us out! Any questions, drop a comment. Otherwise, feel free to add me!


Hi, I'm new here and sooooooo confused.

So this passed summer I went to spain for a month. I'm 17. I'm a guy. I went on this trip with a group of 30 people around my age, it was an educational program. I signed up to go last october and two months later I found out that one of my closest childhood friends was going as well! The thing is, I hadn't talked to her for about 10 years. She's two years younger than me, is way more popular than me and i'm going to be flying to spain with her and speaking to her for the first time in years. She's beautiful. We instantly clicked and I fell hard. For that whole month, we hugged, cuddled, she even kissed me on the cheek. On the plane ride back from spain, she just fell asleep in my lap and I rubbed her back and held her hand. One time during the flight she sat up and leaned against the window. I noticed and I wanted to cuddle so I pretended to nod off and fall on her shoulder. I only sat my head there for about 2 seconds and then "realized" where I was and took my head off of her. She then said "wait" and fell into my lap again. I long for her touch everyday and I've barely even seen her since our days in spain. This is probably because our friends our different, she's more popular, and she gets all the guys she wants. Christmas break is coming up and our friend we met on the trip is coming into town from new york. I'm hoping we can all get together and my friend and I can rekindle what we had on that last plane ride. Heaven. THE most confusing part of this whole situation is this:

I thought I was gay. I am sexually attracted to both male and females. I am only emotionally attracted to women though. I am so confused and I don't want to come out to everyone just in case I DO love her and i AM straight. maybe I'm bi, i don't know, but I'm so stressed right now. HELP

S.O.S. call it what you want...

I'm living in a dilemma.. I'm 18 and really boggled about life. I'm as they call it, still in the closet and it's not working out real good for me.

I'm tired of living a lie and at this stage, I would really want to be with a guy... At least start looking... But it ain't easy coming out, especially when you're in an environment/society that is really shallow in this matter. I've been surrounded in a constant and stable, Christian environment but facing this sexuality problem. I'm just confused about a lot of things and never really found the help I need. I would definitely want to be out there, experiencing life but coming out in my position seems so out of reach.

I was thinking of only coming out when I'm older or at least when I'm legal and no longer living where I am. But I feel that I can't wait any longer. On the other hand, i fear rejection and persecution...

Any remarks or steps I could take? If I wait, is it worth it?
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Im going to have a bit of a moan >.

Is it just me or when you are out do people start treating you like a novelty? Like next weekend my friend is organising a party, and I said that wouldn't he rearrange it cause I'm sleeping round a guy's, and he just said that he would be having it anyway and not rearranging it around my "bum sex". Which made me feel absolutely shit, mostly cause I know that if I was anyone else saying they were doing something then they he would re-arrange it.
And to me in the UK it always happens. And I think you will all say "Get better friends" and what not... but its not easy for me, cause I thought they were the friends that treated me as equals, and well there isn't anyone else that I can find in a small. rural school.

Anyway it turns out the guy cancelled so I can go to the party,  which I suppose is a good thing, but there I will feel so out of place it will be unreal, as my best friend will be with her bf, the host will be trying to be with this other girl, and the other guy going will be shit faced. So I would prefer to go to the guy's friends anyway... but I still feel like a novelty.
And well this weekend something is happening... and I thought it was sorta a thing with this other bi guy, but our mutual friends have taken it over, and completely destroyed the plans that I wanted to do. And so it feels my opinion on the matter doesnt actually matter cause I'm gay.

Maybe Im just being paranoid, and have noone else to talk to, but does anyone else ever feel like this? Cause its really getting to me at the moment.

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(no subject)

I live on Long Island. I'm a senior in high school. It seems like the majority of the people here (or at least my generation) are accepting of homosexuality, but then again there are those who...very much aren't. Namely, the devoutly-religious-to-a-fault types.

There is one boy like this who frequents the same circles as me. He instigated an argument on my facebook page over the summer (on one of those "Should gay marriage be legal?" polls) and I promptly deleted him from my friends and tried to forget about him. However, school started a few weeks ago, and there is just no way I will be able to avoid him.

This morning he and my friends had a heated debate about homosexuality. He said that God condemns homosexuals to hell, blah blah blah, and my friends had the more reasonable side of the argument. I wasn't present, but I showed up just as the bell rang so I didn't have to hear his idiocy. But I know it'll come up again, if not tomorrow then sometime in the near future.

I'm an atheist, so obviously I don't have any thoughts as to how God might view homosexuals or whatever. I just think that anyone who would wish to deny me my rights because of my sexual orientation is really stupid. So how can I deal with the religious homophobes? The only thing I can think of is this list. What can I do to make him understand my point of view or at least get off my back about this?

It's so frustrating that someone is basically calling me sub-human because of reasons that I don't even think exist. :( Thanks for listening.
Simpsonized, Mike

(no subject)

Hope you all are doing fine, anyway I wanted to bring up the topic of homophobic people, because I recently read an article that pretty much "theorizes" homophobic people may b "harboring gay urges" and I just wanted to see what you guys think of that.
If you want to read what I have to say about that, I posted an entry in my journal. :D
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