jaredisme (jaredisme) wrote in gayteens,

S.O.S. call it what you want...

I'm living in a dilemma.. I'm 18 and really boggled about life. I'm as they call it, still in the closet and it's not working out real good for me.

I'm tired of living a lie and at this stage, I would really want to be with a guy... At least start looking... But it ain't easy coming out, especially when you're in an environment/society that is really shallow in this matter. I've been surrounded in a constant and stable, Christian environment but facing this sexuality problem. I'm just confused about a lot of things and never really found the help I need. I would definitely want to be out there, experiencing life but coming out in my position seems so out of reach.

I was thinking of only coming out when I'm older or at least when I'm legal and no longer living where I am. But I feel that I can't wait any longer. On the other hand, i fear rejection and persecution...

Any remarks or steps I could take? If I wait, is it worth it?
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