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okay this may sound totally pathetic and trust me it actually is.
 i go to bording school and the second week i had allready made like all the friends i could need.
one day me and my friend were talking and he said his back was really sore and i said hey do you want a massage
he look at me funny cause i knew i was gay and i knew he was straight, but he accepted the offer
that night i spent about two hours rubbing down his back (i know that sounds really gay)
the next day i was in my room and he tackles me and says hey wanna give me a massag again
he is totally gorgeous so of course i said yes if he would reciprocate 
this continued on for the next few weeks. there would be very little talking but a huge amount of sexual tension 
i knew that he was getting turned on cause he kept on getting a boner (he would have to adjust himself)
so after a few weeks we would talk, and i mean talk, he would tell me his problems and i would listen and be a good best gay friend 
so when he gave me a massage i would talk too and he would listen to me and try and help with my many problems. 
after the talking started i started to realize that i had started to completely fall for him. 
after i realized that i would feel uncomfortable around him but i would still give him massages and be his shrink. 
he would do things too like when he gave me massage he would blow in my ear, i would ask why he did that and he would say i dont know in a cute shy way
and he would nuzzle into my neck and stuff
the question that i want an answer to was what do y'all think i should do, i feel like i love him but i dont know what he would do if he knew and i dont know how to continue being his friend.
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