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Book Giveaway!


Book Giveaway!
Want a free copy of Lee Bantle’s David Inside Out? We’re giving away two copies! Send an email to with your name to enter!

Read a snippet of the review below and head to to find out more...

For most of us, high school is a balancing act. For David Dahlgren, it’s a disappearing act. Drudged down by the shame of his conflicting feelings, David tries to find a way to make a part of himself just go away. He thinks maybe he can outrun it on track team, or even drown it in the affections of his adoring girlfriend, Kick. Unfortunately, these hopeful delusions vanish when his unwanted feelings focus themselves on fellow teammate, Sean. Sean’s contradictory advances seem only to fuel David’s doubts. Their relationship merely confirms what Mom always says, “You can’t love someone else, until you love yourself.”
David’s turbulent journey into sexual self-acceptance is a familiar one to many young men and women. Lee Bantle hit’s the nail on the head with this poignantly intimate young adult novel.

Mod Note: Sorry if this isn't allowed! It is an actual giveaway and the book is lgbt so I figured this would be relevant and appreciated to anyone who wanted a good rec or chance of winning a free book :)
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