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I Hate Waiting

Is it me, or am I the only gay teenager, who, when trying to come out to his parents, received a "you're not old enough to know" answer of denial?  It has been a few months since this happened, and since summer offers much thinking time, I've only become sad and annoyed.  I've started fully excepting it by now, and truthfully the only thing keeping me from being comfortable with myself is knowing my parents are comfortable with me - the trouble is they are too stupid and stubborn to except that even though I'm 14 going on 15 I know very well which gender I enjoy more.  It hurts me, since my two best friends except it so easily while they deny it until they see I'm too confused to give them a straight answer anymore.  What's perhaps worse is that out of the two, the one I'm closest to, my mom, is disgusted by gay actions much more so than my dad, although he looked like he was thinking it was a joke or proof of my adolescent stupidity.  And unfortunatly I have no patience, but I have too much sense to confront them again.  What's a guy to do? 
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